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    Do up your spaces “as you like it”

    Our products and designs offer you the flexibility to customize and choose according to your needs, providing you an all weather range. Choose your design, weave pattern and fabric. It is your space, so feel free to explore a universe of choices Sofas and seating Our premium range of sofas and seating options provide you the opportunity to transform your sit outs, verandahs, decks or any outdoor areas into luxurious extensions of your living space Loungers and pool beds Our perfectly crafted range of loungers and pool beds   suited for hotels, resorts and the discerning home owner deliver leisurely poolside time Umbrellas and gazebos A unique range of “all…

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    Let’s move outdoors

    Moving outdoors to the backyard, by the pool, gardening or dinner with the family in the open space were all considered options for taking a break from mundane activities but times have changed. Living outdoors is the new norm. No longer an option, outdoor living is integral to the fulfilling of holistic healthy well being. Starting from your bolus of morning yoga to gardening while your children explore and learn, or working from home on your laptop, to sharing a few lighter moments with friends, family dinners to just leisurely reading by the poolside. Life today is as much inside the confines of your home to it is in the…

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    The New Outdoor Living Lifestyle

    The twenty-first century is the era of the indoor generation. We spend our time cooped-up in homes and offices, our eyes glued to digital screens. We order online and get things home-delivered. Our lives are inside stories. Kids would rather be gaming than play a game of football outside. Trees are left unclimbed; trails explored, and sunsets and sunrises unseen and savoured. But the experts have simple advice for us:  for goodness sake, get out. Not to the malls, theatres and restaurants, but the outdoors. We were born free and deserve to be free. We may be many but we deserve to be one—with nature. And as our cities get…

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    Different Areas We Can Use Outdoor Furniture

    Obvious choices to use outdoor furniture would be patios, balconies, sunrooms, porches, beach houses etc. Most inviting place where you can put across your taste to aesthetics are outdoor usable gardens. Garden space is a place to unwind and gather with friends and family. Another key reason why they are selected is due to the fact that garden spaces embrace simple as well as timeless designs. There are varied number of options to decorate a gardens based on our budget, from sprawling country gardens to small courtyards or urban balconies Today’s fast moving society will eventually make us to venture the metro life, All of a sudden you get to…

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    Your Outdoors your new living

    Turn sit-outs, balconies, veranda’s and decks into an extension of your living and entertaining spaces with our range of premium outdoor seating and sofas. Choose from all-in-ones, multiple option seaters and modular sets in different combinations that open up a new world of possibilities to reprise outdoor spaces. Each set is thoughtfully designed to suit specific areas, design elements and usage. The all-weather synthetic wicker comes in a range of aesthetically pleasing colours and weaves, and for good measure, is adorned with cushions lined in the best outdoor fabrics from Sunbrella. And as our name suggests, it’s designed to tackle the elements. With our furniture in place, for years of…

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    Pool Chairs & Sun Beds – 50+ Designs

    Take any outdoor space and you can transform it: into a retreat, a cosy nook, a haven in the city. Take any outdoor space and you can make it speak: the language of elegance, luxury and functionality. And we’ve got what it takes to make the difference. Our range of outdoor furniture includes outdoor dining, patio furniture, seating and sofas, pool chairs, sun beds and cabanas, garden umbrellas and bars and accessories. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. And beneath the flowing lines and elegant finishes, we’ve built-in durability to endure rigours of the harsh outdoors.

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    Put your best feast forward

    Perfectly suited to transform sit outs, decks and verandahs as an extension of your indoor space, is our range of premium outdoor dinning furniture. This splendid selection of outdoor tables and ergonomically designed outdoor chairs, available in four, six and eight seater combinations. Square, round and rectangular outdoor table options present multiple combinations for different dinning furniture layouts. Chairs are available in stacking options, making easy storage an added convenience. Our outdoor dinning range is made with all weather synthetic wicker in different colours and weaves. Cushions are upholstered in the best outdoor fabrics from Sunbrella, turning your outdoor dinning into comfortable and pleasurable experience. Built to last from the…

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    A World of Outdoors to Transform

    Think patios, balconies, sunrooms, porches and beach houses. Look anew at home gardens. Whether it’s greenery in a balcony, the front yard or a sprawling space, our garden furniture is just what you need to enhance nature’s beauty. Small spaces get a makeover and sprawling ones get a luxurious touch. Whether you want to lounge outside with a morning cuppa or curl up late at night with the stars above, our garden furniture is just the thing to make outdoor spaces easy living spaces.

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    Outdoor Seating & Sofas – 40 Sets

    At Ellements, we believe every outdoor space can be aesthetically and practically transformed to suit our customers’ need for creating luxurious, vibrant and functional outdoor spaces. Our range of outdoor furniture is classified into Outdoor Dinning, Patio Furniture, Seating& Sofas, Pool Chairs, Sun Beds & Cabanas, Garden Umbrellas and Bars & Accessories opening up a world of endless possibilities for every space. Made from the most premium grade raw materials and finely crafted meeting the highest quality standards through production, our range of outdoor products are made to endure the rigours of the harsh outdoors, giving you years of luxury, comfort and most importantly durability. Choose from the the widest…

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    The Art of Dining

    Turn a meal into hours worth remembering with our dining furniture. It’s just what you need to transform sit-outs, decks and verandas. The flowing shapes blur the lines between inside and outdoor spaces; homes take on a seamless look. Our range includes outdoor tables and ergonomically designed outdoor chairs available in four-, six- and eight-seater combinations. Square, round and rectangular outdoor table options allow for different dining furniture layouts. Chairs are available in stacking options, making for easy storage, an added convenience. Made with all-weather synthetic wicker in different colours and weaves, our outdoor dining range has cushions upholstered in the fine fabrics from Sunbrella.